28 - 30 September 2021
Tartu, Estonia


Electronic Warfare - 9 – 11 April 2019 | Tartu, Estonia

Target Audience

Electronic Warfare

Target Audience

EW Live 2021 will bring together military, operational and industrial technical excellence within a secure LIVE environment

Notable Invited International Delegations: 

  • Electronic Warfare Officer - ECM-System Manager, Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Germany

  • EW Senior Specialist, General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Poland
  • Electronic Warfare Senior Officer, Armed Forces, Lithuania
  • OC EWSI TP, British Armed Forces, Army, UK
  • Head of Electronic Recognition Section of Electronic Warfare Bureau, Algerian Ministry of Defence, Algeria
  • Head of ESM Department, Bahrain Defence Force, Bahrain
  • Head of Development Section/Military Intelligence Regiment, Croatian Armed Forces, Croatia
  • ISR Department/Senior Staff Officer, Czech Armed Forces, Czech Republic

  • Lt Colonel, D Air Plan 9 / Global Engagement, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada
  • Chief EW & SIGINT Branch, General Command of the Polish Armed Forces, Poland
  • EW Senior Specialist, Lithuanian Armed Forces Defence Staff, Lithuania
  • Group Head, Singapore Air Force, Singapore
  • Chief IMINT Section, ISR Division HDF, Hungarian Defence Force, Hungary
  • Assistant Director, Joint Air Power Competence Centre, JAPCC/NATO
  • Cyber EW Branch Senior Officer, Joint HQ of Latvian National Armed Forces, Latvia

  • COMINT Coordinator of Signals Analysis Teams, Ministry of Defence, Spain
  • National Defence Specialist, Ministry of National Defence, Turkey
  • Lt Colonel - OF4/Section Head Cyber Security, Norwegian Joint Headquarters, Norway
  • Chief of EW Section, Polish Armed Forces Operational Command, Poland
  • Head C-UAS, Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden
  • EW Officer, UAE Army - EW Command, UAE

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Global EW Specialists Attending

Global EW Specialists Attending



200+ Live Demos Over 3 Days

200+ Live Demos Over 3 Days



Counter-Drone Demonstrations

Counter-Drone Demonstrations



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