28 - 30 September 2021
Tartu, Estonia


Electronic Warfare - 9 – 11 April 2019 | Tartu, Estonia

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Electronic Warfare

Rantelon OU

Rantelon OU

Rantelon designs, develops and manufactures innovative electronic systems with in-house capabilities in electronics, software, mechanics and radio technology. During its 25 years of operations, Rantelon has become a company with a workforce of almost 50 employees whose level of quality of work has won company the trust of many established clients from the civil, security and industrial sectors.

Rantelon exports its military equipment to the military structures of NATO member states. The equipment is tried and tested, having survived a baptism of fire in the largest ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali. Our military equipment is produced according to the specifications and technical demands of the client. We have developed and produced jammers for clients whose power requests have varied from just a couple of watts to several kilowatts.

Rantelon provides an effective solution to detect and deter unwanted civilian drones. Rantelon’s RF drone detection system detects drones and remote controls and helps determine their direction. By combining multiple devices, it also shows the location of the drone and the remote control on a map. Our mobile and stationary drone jammers can effectively neutralise any drones that are detected.


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