Electronic Warfare Live 2019

9 - 11 APRIL 2019, TARTU, ESTONIA                                                   OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED BY



The Operating Environment for the demonstrations only will be created using “Exercise RF”, which is an innovative simulation system that creates in real-time, complex electromagnetic spectrums delivered through a bespoke operational scenario. The spectrum can contain multiple and independent COMINT and ELINT signals of interest for interception and direction finding by each company’s commercial equipment. Utilising arbitrary waveform signal generators, the system can generate virtually any analogue or digital signal, and is also capable of transmitting pre-recorded signals of interest within the scenario through several transmitting nodes. The operational scenario can replicate both conventional and asymmetric warfare environments.


Targets of interest for COMINT may include:

• PMR communications

• GSM and Satellite Phone communications 

• Frequency hopping communications

• Spread spectrum communications

• Multiplex communications

• Civil waveform communications

• Examples of Communications modulations are QAM, OFDM, PPM, DSSS, FDMA and many others within the analogue and digital fields.


Targets of interest for ELINT may include:

• Ground fixed and Platform (Air, Maritime, Land) based radars)

• Multi-Function Phased Array radars

• Threat radars

• LPI radars

• Radars using agility of RF, PRI, PW, jitter, etc.