19 - 22 September 2022
Tartu, Estonia



Electronic Warfare - 9 – 11 April 2019 | Tartu, Estonia

About Tangent Link

Electronic Warfare

About Tangent Link

About Us


  • Tangent Link is an agile, adaptive and proactive company with offices in Estonia, UK and Australia.  Tangent Link is well connected through the delivery of its industry-specific, niche market military and aerospace events held internationally since 2004.
  • Tangent Link respects every client we work with is different and adapt our market entry services to the needs of our clients. 
  • Tangent Link is independent of government trade bodies, associations and industry-led consortia. 
  • Tangent Link supports our clients until they are confident their aims and objectives have been met and are always on hand to engage with our clients when required.
  • Tangent Link continually monitors the landscape in the countries we regularly work with and, should we uncover an opportunity we believe would be of interest to you, you will be the first to know.

Event Project Management

We have a proven track-record in delivering results through our global project management service offering.

Our in-house team will meticulously plan and deliver your project in-line with the business objectives and budget. We can work independently or alongside your existing marketing team towards a common goal.

Market Entry & Export Promotion

More evidence-based information allows informed decisions on whether to prosecute an opportunity or not. 

Our services include organisation chart of key stakeholders and decision makers. Detailed organisational military profile including a summary of existing suppliers and changing technology needs and much more.

Strategic Services

We offer key advisory capabilities, ranging from strategic planning support and global geo-strategic analysis, to merger and acquisition support.

We can organise and assess your process, and structure the process so that the outcome is both fact-based and has clear deliverable goals for each element within your organisation.



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