19 - 22 September 2022
Tartu, Estonia


Electronic Warfare - 9 – 11 April 2019 | Tartu, Estonia

About EWLIVE2.0 2022

Electronic Warfare

About EWLIVE2.0 2022

Why EWLive2.0?

  • EW Live is a unique, proven and successful concept, enabling vendors to demonstrate capabilities in a live environment. Military delegations from around the world greatly value the format, and the contrast this presents to standard mock-up demo's and scale models seen in traditional exhibitions.
  • Identifying the new technology challenges, and providing comprehensive solutions from the commercial sector to meet growing Military stakeholder requirements.
  • Private live demonstrations scheduled with Military delegations of your choice.


What is the New Environment?

NATO and US strategy, procurement, and R&D are seeing a sharp re-vectoring away from the COIN (counter-insurgency) mission focus, driven by dramatic changes to the competitive environment. China and Russia are investing at 'wartime' rates in technologies and capabilities that are highly focused on 'system vs system' attacks, heavy use of EW and cyber effects, combined with long range and hypersonic fires. All this is supported by highly capable next-gen UAS and Space capabilities. Other advanced militaries across Asia, Middle East and elsewhere are seeking to gain similar capabilities. The MDO construct has shifted EW-related capabilities to a central role.


Demonstrate your capability LIVE to engaged and qualified EW practitioners

Demonstrating your product at our next EW LIVE event is one of your best sales tools

Demonstrating your product at our next EW LIVE event is one of your best sales tools

EW Live events provides you with a platform to demonstrate and deliver a visual reference to enhance the quality of your technology presentation. 

Delegations who receive a more practical approach will understand your product quicker and fully grasp its value and potential solution to their need. On a one to one basis showcase live the best design features and key selling points of your technology.  Build confidence and install a sense of ownership in your product that will never be achieved through a simple sales pitch on a stand.

The Proof in the Demonstration

The Proof in the Demonstration

Delegations can often come with pre-conceived notions or misinformation on products or solutions based on what they have heard in the marketplace. If a prospect client questions your key claims or doubts the capability of your product and its performance - our EW Live event can dissolve those concerns.

Your demonstration will help to combat product-related concerns directly to your key international military end-users all within three days and under one roof.


Targets of interest for COMINT may include:

  • PMR communications
  • GSM and Satellite Phone communications
  • Frequency hopping communications
  • Spread spectrum communications
  • Multiplex communications
  • Civil waveform communications
  • Examples of Communications modulations are QAM, OFDM, PPM, DSSS, FDMA and many others within the analogue and digital fields



Targets of interest for ELINT may include:

  • Ground fixed and Platform (Air, Maritime, Land) based radars)
  • Multi-Function Phased Array radars
  • Threat radars
  • LPI radars
  • Radars using agility of RF, PRI, PW, jitter, etc.

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