CRFS showcased their ability to monitor, detect, geolocate and track drones.

CRFS participated in the hugely anticipated EW Live event organised by Tangent Link and hosted by Tartu Airport in Estonia.


Their main objective was to demonstrate the ability to monitor, detect, geolocate and track drones. Senior military and internal security delegates from across Europe and the Middle East had a unique opportunity to see this live, nothing was pre-recorded or staged during any of the demonstrations.


During the course of live demonstrations in Tartu, the CRFS team were able to show how Military and EW experts can lever the technology capabilities of next-generation RF Spectrum Monitoring. Selected delegations had a chance to see signal analysis and capture techniques in various real-time scenario’s, and how to perform high fidelity recording of RF Spectrum intelligence to develop tactics, techniques and procedures for future operations.


CRFS had a number of RF receivers deployed across the airfield, along with a central command station with various software and analysis suites on display. At their exhibition stand, CRFS also demonstrated the latest RFeye® Portable Recorder, which is being used for high-fidelity capture, recording and analysis of RF spectrum. 


Read the full report by Dave Robertson, International Sales Manager - Defence & Security at CRFS.